Wood Flooring in Coral Springs and Plantation, FL

Solid wood flooring offers many options and styles to beautify your home

Solid wood flooring is still the real thing and will always be in demand especially in areas such as Broward, Coral Springs, Parkland, Plantation, Sunrise and Weston.  Hardwood flooring is made from real lumber and is available in a variety of species such as oak, maple, cherry, mahogany, pine, pecan and walnut. This means you can get sold wood flooring with a distinctive look such as the warm rustic look of red oak or a more contemporary look of maple.


Hardwood flooring is also available with different gloss levels and surface treatments. For example distressed wood can be used to create an extreme rustic feel and is popular in older houses. It is also a cost effective way of putting hardwood flooring in your home. These days machines can produce the hand-scraped effect at a fraction of the cost of joiners doing it manually.


Whether you prefer a traditional, modern or casual style, you are sure to find the solid wood flooring to complement your home.  There are many styles, colors and species to select from, so you can be confident that you will find the right hardwood flooring to match your personal tastes and preferences.


Advances in floor manufacturing have also made hardwood more suitable for use in areas of your home that would not have been feasible in the past. This means you can beautify more rooms and areas in your home than ever before.


One of the major benefits and attraction of hardwood flooring is its richness and natural beauty. It is a bit like having a piece of forest in your home.  There are many other benefits as well. Solid wood floors are strong and durable and certainly easier to clean than carpets. Since hardwood floors don’t trap dust and muck they are also a healthier option.


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