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What will look best in your home? Tile or hardwood flooring?

You have some interesting option when it comes to flooring and doing some research into the possibilities is always a good idea. Tile flooring and hardwood flooring are both popular choices but which will be best for you and your home? Sawgrass floors can help you decide which type of flooring will be a best fit, be it tile flooring, hardwood flooring, carpeting or laminate. They sell and install most types of flooring in Broward, Coral Springs, Parkland, Plantation, Sunrise and Weston.

In fact, these days you tile flooring that looks like hardwood. This means you can get tile flooring that resembles hardwood flooring but without some of the drawbacks associated with hardwood. Wood flooring can be difficult to maintain and once the scratches and dents are there you would need to resurface your hardwood flooring. Tile flooring is easier to maintain and clean.

Wood flooring can susceptible to climate and can fade if exposed to too much sunlight and warp when exposed to water. Wood-like tiles are more versatile and can used just about anywhere, including bathrooms, kitchens and even outdoors.

For the connoisseur real hardwood flooring is still the answer. When it comes to natural looks nothing beats the real natural look of wood. Hardwood floors are also available in a wide range of colors and shades. Most popular species include oak, maple, hickory, and cherry.

Hardwood floors can be solid or in the form of engineered planks. Solid wood flooring should only be installed over a wooden sub-floor and where there are no humidity issues. Engineered floors can be installed over a variety of sub-floors.

Each type of flooring has its own pros and cons. What it comes down to is what looks best in your home and what will suit your budget.




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