Tile Flooring Materials: Top Popular in Broward and Weston

If you have just moved into a new house or you are thinking about giving your home a new look, consider installing tile flooring in your home from Broward, Coral Springs, Parkland, Plantation, Sunrise, Weston. Not only does it give a new look to your property, but it also has a long life span, it is easy to clean, and can be very affordable.

There are different models and materials to make floor tiles, therefore you can choose depending on taste, need, price, etc. For example, if you were to choose floor tile by product type, you’d be given the following options: travertine, ceramic, porcelain, faux wood, marble, slate, and many other models.

Want warm tile flooring?

Many people refuse to install tile flooring at home. Even though it is affordable, looks good, and is easy to clean, they don’t want tile flooring because it “keeps the house cold”. This is not always true; nowadays you can choose from various types of materials, and some of them are warmer. In this category are included materials such as granite, onyx, and pebbles & stones mosaics.

About granite and onyx, unique tile flooring materials

Granite is a particularly interesting tile flooring material. It is obtained from the solidification of lava and magma. This is one of the reasons why granite is considered a distinguished flooring material: richness of colors, visual depth, high quality.

By contrast, onyx is a type of stone that differs from flooring materials such as granite. It is highly recommended for indoor floors because it is a softer stone. A lot of indoor designers use onyx for counter tops. Keep in mind that if you decide to use onyx at home as tile flooring, you should put it in light traffic areas; onyx tile flooring has a smooth surface and texture, and while it will stand out in your home, you have to make sure it will not get worn out very soon.

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