Tile Flooring and Wood Flooring in Weston, Plantation and Coral Springs, FL

The pros and cons of tile and wood flooring

Both tile flooring and wood flooring are good options for your home in Sunrise or Weston and the choice comes down to personal preference and costs. These days you can even get authentic tile flooring that looks like wood flooring. Let’s consider the pros and cons of each.

Hard wood flooring is natural; it’s the real thing when it comes to wood.  It therefore adds that natural warmth, beauty and rich feeling to your home.  Wood flooring is also warm under foot so you don’t have to look for those slippers on a cold winter’s morning.  In addition wood flooring has natural give making it soft under foot as well. Hardwood is expensive and although durable, will require sanding and refinishing down the line. Hardwood is not suitable for all areas of your home. For example your bathroom, laundry and entrance way are not good candidates for wood flooring.

Tile flooring is versatile and suitable for all climates. Tile flooring is not subject to installation restrictions and you can also use tiles anywhere in your home. They are particularly useful in moist and wet areas as well as areas that are more prone to spills. In particular tiles are popular in kitchens and bathrooms.

However tiles are cold and this can great during summer but not so great for those cold winter months. Tile flooring is also a low maintenance option and is easy to clean. If a tile gets damaged you can just replace that tile, provided you can find a matching one. Grouting can also be a problem with tile flooring in that it can be an eye-soar if not done professionally.  White and other light color tiles can also look dirty and will require regular mopping.

It may well be that a combination of wood flooring and tile flooring could be the best solution. You should consult with a flooring expert such as Sawgrass Floors before making a final decision.

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