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Types and styles of carpeting

Carpeting is still one of the most popular choices when it comes to flooring. Carpets can look beautiful and are soft and warm and available in many different styles, colors and textures. Sawgrass floors can provide all your carpeting needs in Broward, Coral Springs, Parkland, Plantation, Sunrise and Weston. They supply a wide range of carpets and can also take care of your carpet installation.

If you are shopping around for carpeting for your home, office, hotel, business or club you should will soon be overwhelmed by all the options and choices. There are so many styles and designs that it can be difficult to figure what carpeting is right for you. Understanding a bit about the construction and styles of carpets can make things a bit easier.

There are two main types of construction – cut pile and loop pile. Cut pile carpets are a popular choice for residential use as they have more luxurious look than loop pile. They are often recommended if you have kids and pets since they don’t sang so easily. Cut pile carpets also come in different styles such as plush, Saxony and Frieze. Plush cut pile carpets are great for a formal look. Saxony has a smooth and even finish. Frieze has informal and shaggy look.

Loop pile carpets have stylish finish and a soft, smooth feel. The loops can also be arranged in a manner that creates unique patterns. Loop pile carpets also have different styles such as level, Sisal and multi-level. For example level loop pile carpets are great for areas with heavy traffic as they are durable and do not show footprints.

Once you have decided the type and style of carpeting you need to consider carpet installation. Professional carpet installation will ensure your carpets look great and last longer.



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