Laminate Flooring and Solid Wood Flooring in Plantation, Coral Springs

Laminate and solid wood flooring and warmth and value to your home

Laminate flooring has become a very popular option with homeowners and for good reasons. Firstly laminate flooring is much cheaper that solid wood flooring. It is also cheaper that other alternatives such as carpet and tiles. Despite being cheaper laminate flooring is durable, easy to clean and versatile. When it comes to looks and aesthetics laminate flooring does not have to take a backseat. Due to its versatility you can get almost any style and design you want.

Sawgrass Floors has installed many beautiful laminate and hardwood floors in and around Sunrise and Weston.

If you want inexpensive flooring that looks like wood, offers durability and is easy to maintain and clean, then laminate flooring could well be the solution for you. Laminate flooring is also easy to install and you can select from a wide variety of designs such as Balterio, Max and Windsor.

When you want the real thing in wooden floors, then solid wood flooring is the way to go. Hardwood floors give your home that natural warm and rich feeling that no other type of flooring can provide. The graceful and stylish appearance of hardwood flooring adds character to your rooms and adds value to your home.

You can also select a style to match your design and decor. From the rustic feel of red oak to the racy look of fine maple, from the gentle feel of cherry to the distinctiveness of mahogany, there is a style to match your persona and your taste.

Though hardwood floors are more expensive than laminate, you can still find best value for money solid wood floors at Sawgrass. They will also help you select the correct style for your home and your needs. And with the advances in manufacturing and installation techniques, you can now install solid wood floors in areas that were not practical before.

When you want to add real beauty, warmth and value to your home look no further than real hardwood floors.

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