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When you think about building or remodeling, hardwood flooring plays an important part in the final look of the room. It can totally change the atmosphere and make it warmer. Today, hardwood flooring comes in many patterns and styles. But there are two basic types – solid wood and engineered wood – that come in different colors and different wood types. Check out here more:

  1. 1.       Solid-Wood Flooring

The most commonly available solid-wood flooring comes in narrow strips, wide planks or parquet squares. These three types are available in different lengths and they can be unfinished or prefinished. Traditional hardwood flooring is the strips type; it is the most sought-after among customers because it is affordable, attractive, and it can be painted or sold in a natural color. It needs sanding, and a clear topcoat finish.

Prefinished wood flooring comes in thinner planks than the unfinished one; this helps make the transition from a room to another much easier. Also, it is easier to assemble because it doesn’t need sanding or finishing. Because of all these added benefits, it costs more.

  1. 2.       Engineered-Wood Flooring

Engineered-Wood Flooring is the most popular type for DIYers. It gained its popularity because it is created in such way that makes it more stable than solid-wood flooring. Thus it stands fewer chances to warp, shrink, split or cup. It comes in one, two, or three-strip planks. The installation is quick and neat because there is no need for nailing or gluing. You can also plaid the planks over existing floors as long as the floor is in good condition, hard, and flat.

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