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Both laminate and hardwood flooring are popular choices


It is important to choose the right type of flooring that matches your home, your budget and your preferences. Fortunately there are many options available such as laminate flooring and hardwood flooring. The team at Sawgrass Floors has helped countless homeowners in Broward, Coral Springs, Parkland, Plantation, Sunrise and Weston with flooring purchases and installations and they will be glad to help you too.

Both laminate and hardwood are popular flooring options and each as its own pros and cons. Laminate has grown up and is no longer plagued by that cheap plastic look of the past. Advances in technology means laminate floors are now constructed in a way that makes them comparable to real hardwood floors. Laminate flooring does a good job of imitating real hardwood or stone and can capture a similar look and feel. Laminate flooring can even imitate other materials such as metal and concrete to create unusual effects. You can achieve bold and creative designs and styles with laminate and when you consider that it is cheaper than hardwood flooring, it could well be the right type of flooring for you. In addition laminate is durable and versatile and can be installed just about anywhere in your home.

Discerning and selective home owners often prefer the real natural beauty and warmth of hardwood flooring. It is true that hardwood created a natural ambiance that is unmatched by other types of flooring. After all, hardwood comes from real trees and as such can create that reassuring and comforting ambiance that no other type of flooring can truly imitate. Hardwood is also available in a a variety of styles and colors as there are many hardwood species such as oak, ash, cherry, maple and poplar species. So whether you prefer exotic tropical or a more traditional style, there is the right hardwood flooring for you.


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