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Laminate flooring is a cost effective alternative to hardwood or tile floors

If you like the look and feel of wood flooring but want it for less, than laminate flooring is good alternative.  Laminate is durable, easy to install and offers an attractive as well as low maintenance flooring solution. Sawgrass Floors specialises in laminate flooring and can help homeowners in Coral Springs, Parkland and Plantation.

Laminate flooring is available in a variety of styles and can match just about any home décor. Since these types of floors are engineered and manufactured from robust materials they are also well suited for high use areas in your home or business. Since laminates have textures that can resemble wood, marble or stone, they offer an aesthetically pleasing alternative to the real thing. This means you can achieve an authentic look and feel at a much lower cost. Just as is the case with hardwood, laminate can mimic different types of wood such as maple, oak and cherry. They can also be installed in a decorative pattern that adds to the beauty of your floors. You can also select embossed laminate pieces that add even more richness and intensity to your floors.

You can buy laminate flooring in the form of planks or tiles that are assembled by means of an interlocking system. This interlocking system makes for fast easy and hassle-free installation. The planks or tiles are designed to float on the sub-surface and are kept in place by perimeter moldings. You can even install laminate over existing floor surfaces sus as wood, tile and vinyl. Sawgrass Floors offers expert flooring and laminate flooring in Weston, Coral Springs, Sunrise, Plantation and all of Broward County

Another advantage of laminate flooring is that is not susceptible to humidity. It is also easy to replace laminate planks or tiles for purposes of repair or even for decorative purposes. Since laminates are durable and easy to clean and maintain they offer a cost effective alternative to other more expensive flooring options.

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