Carpeting Installation in Davie and Broward

Sawgrass Floors carpeting customers tend to stick around because they do professional carpeting installation. They are flooring experts and can help you with carpeting installation in Broward, Coral Springs, Davie, Parkland or Weston. Sawgrass Floors is a recommended installer and fitter of flooring products including carpeting.

When you need carpeting installation, you don’t want to deal with a fly-by-night contractor. You want deal with a company who will still be around long after the warranty has expired. Flooring, be it carpeting, wood, laminate or tile, is usually a big investment and one that you want to get right. That is why you should deal with a flooring expert that has a track record and credentials to back it up.

Carpeting installation is quick and easy when you know what you doing. When you deal with a professional installer and fitter you will be able to say “The carpet installers were very professional and quick. They did 3 rooms in a couple hours. Very friendly crew who take pride in their work. We’ll be happy to recommend them”.

Carpeting installation requires special tools and skills. You need tools such as tack strip cutters, hand staplers and wall trimmers. The process requires careful measurements and square footage calculations. The subfloor must be cleaned properly. Doors may have to be removed so you can work more easily. Trackless strips of the correct size must be installed properly. The carpet pad needs to rolled out, laid down and stapled properly together with any pad seams. Excess padding must be trimmed away. The carpet itself must be notched and trimmed to size before it can be installed over the padding.

Carpeting installation is easy if you know how and the installers and fitters at Sawgrass know how.

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