Broward carpet installation in Coral Springs and Parkland, FL

Carpet Installation: Step By Step (Short Guide)

Carpeting is the leading trend nowadays for flooring solutions. Carpet installations are affordable, easy to maintain, and they do not request a lot of technical knowledge to be installed.

Carpet installation gone wrong?

However, things can go wrong very easily with installation if you don’t have any experience in the field. From cutting the carpet the wrong way up to hurting yourself with the equipment. In order to avoid any such unpleasant situations, you need to always contact a professional team of carpet installation experts.

Luckily, nowadays most carpet selling prices come with installation included, so make sure you are getting an offer that also includes this important step.

Carpet installation in 11 steps

In the meantime, if you made up your mind on installing your carpet on your own, here is a very short step by step guide on how the procedure is usually performed:

  1. Clean up the surface where the carpet goes
  2. Remove any doors the room might have
  3. Install the tackless strips
  4. Bring in the carpet and roll it on the floor. Cut it to shape.
  5. Install the carpet pad
  6. Staple the pad seams
  7. Trim any excess carpet
  8. Glue the seams together and trim around the obstacles
  9. Attach the carpet to the tackless strips
  10. Trim the excess from the edges, then stretch the carpet so it goes from one edge of the room to the other without creasing or folding
  11. Finish trimming the carpet

Working with a team of professionals

As you can see, there are a lot of steps involved in carpet installation. The procedure is not very easy, especially when the room has obstacles, multiple doors, or a challenging shape (a lot of rooms begin with an entrance, a hallway).

If you need assistance with carpet installation or with choosing a suitable carpet model for your home, contact one of the professionals at Sawgrass Floors in Broward, Coral Springs, Parkland, Plantation, Sunrise, Weston.

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