Carpet Installation in Sunrise, Davie and Coral Springs, FL

Carpeting offers the most choices in terms of style and décor

Carpeting has always been a popular flooring choice and will always be. Carpets are comfortable, warm and in many instances sumptuous. Carpeting is also affordable and available in a wide variety of makes, styles, colors and designs. So it is no surprise that carpeting is still the preferred flouring choice of many residential and commercial property owners. If you need carpeting or carpet installation in Broward, Coral Springs, Parkland, Plantation, Sunrise or Weston then Sawgrass Floors can help. They offer a wide variety of carpeting solutions including frieze, berber, level loop and textured carpets.


Frieze carpeting has a high level of twist which makes it trackless. This means these carpets don’t show shoe prints or vacuum cleaner marks. Although a frieze carpet is more expensive, it offers superior performance. Frieze carpeting is therefore a good choice for hight traffic areas as well home owners with kids and pets.


Textured carpets have a spiral yarn construction and are suitable for mid to high traffic areas. Often synthetic materials are use which makes this type of carpeting cheaper but not as durables as carpets constructed from original materials. Berber carpeting is constructed using a loop pile method which provide a casual look that is popular with many property owners.


Whether your prefer cut pile or loop pile carpeting or some sub-category, you will find the right carpeting for your needs as Sawgrass. They offer expert carpet installation which will ensure your carpets have that professional and quality look you want. Carpet installation is a specialised job and best left to the experts. Professional carper installation involves in home or on site evaluation and measurements. This will minimize waste. A professional carpet installer will also remove any moulding or trim in the room and prep the sub-floor for installation.




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