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Carpet Installation: How Do You Install Patterned Carpets?



The simple answer would be: you don’t, because you call in expert carpet installation company from Broward, Coral Springs, Parkland, Plantation, Sunrise, Weston to do it. However, the longer explanation lies behind the fact that patterned carpet installation involves a level of understanding of all the characteristics of this material.

Patterned carpet installation requirements

In the creation of a patterned carpet have worked designers, specifiers, and manufacturers. The patterned fabric, therefore, comes with specific installation instructions. For example, each piece of carpet has a specific established tolerance. If the tolerance is respected by the installer, the pattern will not be affected.

This is why, in order to avoid any carpet installation failures when working with a patterned model, it is advised to let the skilled professionals do it. The installation process on site is also a factor that can affect the quality of the end result. Some other factors that can modify the carpet’s aspect and final look include:

–          Uneven floors

–          Poor condition of the floor

–          The method of installation used

–          The type of carpet backing system

–          Patterned carpeting requires the use of special tools and machinery, such as mechanical stretching devices

Finally, the costs of installing patterned carpet can be higher than the average carpet installation prices. This is due to the fact that additional staffing may be required, the installation process is different, and it requires more time and expertise to be successfully installed.

Tip: For example, if you want to install a patterned carpet in a corridor you need to pay increased attention to inconsistent alignment of pattern. The seaming diagram should reflect the desired direction of the pattern, while the linear patterns should not be installed breadth-to-breadth.

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