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Everyone wants nice flooring and the right carpeting can be a great complement to your house or office floors. If you need a residential or commercial carpet installation in Coral Springs, Parkland or Plantation, you should see the super options available from Sawgrass Floors.

If you are looking for something retro, frieze carpets (aka as shag carpets) are a great option. Modern day frieze carpets are more stylish, durable and easier to clean than the similar shag carpets from yesteryear. No need to rake, hassle and struggle to keep these high twist long fiber carpets clean. Since they have long-twisted fibers, these carpets can be connected seamlessly with the fibers hiding the joining seam.

Berber carpets offer a more modern look and the high loop construction make them ideal for heavy traffic, such as in offices and hotels. They come in plain styles with little color mix. The African hand woven berber carpets are often brightly colored and have an oriental feel to them.

Many people still prefer carpeted flooring as it ads warmth, provides comfort and gives people an impression of wealth. Carpets can easily be installed or replaced and most makes are not too expensive. Modern carpets are more durable and some makes are also stain resistant.

Carpeting not only provides comfort and warmth but they are also an important decorative item that can make a substantial difference to the aesthetics and vibe of your home, apartment, condo, office, studio, restaurant or hotel. Carpets come in many different patterns and colors and can be used to create a lively effect that may be useful for a hotel or entertainment facility or a more serious and austere tone that most banks seem to like.

Whatever style, design or decorative value you require from your carpets, the team at Sawgrass can provide you with a single source solution for your carpeting requirements, from design to carpet installation.

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