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Why Carpeting Beats Hardwood for Office Flooring

Carpeting seems to be a highly convenient flooring solution for both home and office use. And while hardwood flooring is considered by some to be better looking than carpeting, at least when you’re thinking business-optimised, carpeting is definitely the solution to consider.

Here are just a few reasons why carpeting beats hardwood flooring for your office in Broward, Sunrise, and Weston:

1.       No “flying” dust

Dust happens. Everywhere. One of the carpet’s jobs is to catch the dust and keep it until you vacuum or clean up the room. With hardwood dust has nowhere to go so it just stays on the floor, “flying” from place to place. It doesn’t seem like much until you actually see the dust levitating around the room: not a nice image for your employees or your clients.

2.       Easy cleaning

Yes, it gets stained, you will say. But carpets are really easy to clean. And if you don’t want to clean them on your own you can hire a professional cleaning company to do it for you.

3.       Keeps feet warm

If winters are harsh in your area, you will appreciate a warm floor and carpets are great for this. It also reduces noises and improves indoor air quality.

4.       Office chairs-friendly

Hardwood floors deteriorate in offices because of constant use of office chairs. Imagine how many times per day you are getting up from the chair or walking the chair around. The wood underneath your chair will definitely deteriorate very soon because it is not protected.

Besides all these, carpet is both strong and soft. If you want to get a particular personalised design for your work office, then carpet flooring will allow you to highlight the design elements in the office. You can show off the room’s design elements whose “look & feel” are not shadowed by a carpet that stands out.

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